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Winged Aquatics

Winged Aquatics is the premier brand in outdoor water products for birds, which includes everything from misters to ponds. The company creates alluring water sources that attract all types of birds by mimicking the natural movement and shape of water found in the wild. Products that help give movement to water like drippers and fountains are a big focus of Winged Aquatics because they're more attractive to birds and prevent unwanted mosquitoes from breeding.

When you're ready to add an irresistible and relaxing water element to your yard, you'll also get our 30-day, money-back guarantee on top of our friendly customer service, so you can be confident in your purchase.

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This product has a nice appearance and seems durable. However, the bowl is slippery and the birds have difficulty staying in a drinking position. They keep sliding towards the water.

Perfect for our birds to enjoy! Easy to set up!

Looks great in my flower bed!

I love this set up! It's perfect and low maintenance thanks to the size. I would def recommend this product. I paid roughly $30 less here then it was advertised elsewhere.

This is a solid product, but a much more glaring green than the picture on the website might suggest. Hopefully it will lessen with age.

This is a great product and the setup was a little tough{placed on a hill}. The product is as described and as soon as it was installed the birds were using it. We now have birds that use it on a daily basis and sometimes 3 or 4 times a day.

By Carole C.
Winged Aquatic Feather Mister

It is easy to install and use and, most importantly, a hit with the birds.

By Christina M.
Winged Aquatic Feather Mister

I loved the Aquatic Feather Mister! Hummingbirds love it and it cools the area around the bird bath. It was easy to set up and nothing leaked or dripped. However, the squirrels were out the next morning digging up the tubing, those little rascals. I just buried it again. Love it!

About Winged Aquatics

Winged Aquatics

Winged Aquatics was formed to meet the needs of bird-watching enthusiasts who want to attract a greater variety of songbirds to their backyards. Here you will find natural and attractive water sources that focus on moving water and are designed to sit on the ground because that is where birds find water in the wild and thus attracts more birds. Our bird ponds and baths are proven to significantly outperform conventional pedestal bird baths. Our full line of products will not only bring more birds to your yard, but by creating a backyard habitat, you'll be making a positive contribution to the enviroment that you and the songbirds will be able to enjoy season after season.

Moving water is an important aspect that is why our bird ponds and baths come with a pump, dripper, mister or a combination of the three. Our products are produced using only the highest quality materials, are very easy to install and come with complete instructions to insure success. We have a steadfast commitment to quality and will replace any defective item or refund your money if you aren't completely satisfied. Because we are very concerned with the steadily increasing loss of natural habitat, Winged Aquatics contributes a portion of its sales revenue to conservation organizations dedicated to preserving natural areas, especially tropical rainforests.