Wren House Collection

Wren House Collection

A tiny bird, known most for its loud and sonorous chirping, wrens are popular among bird watchers. A wren house is a great way to spice up your backyard with a dash of stylish decor and a nest of song birds. Our wren house collection features mostly wooden designs that can be hung or attached to fences or other posts.

Highlights include stylish cypress boxes and ornate red-cedar carvings. Don't forget that a wren house also suits the needs of chickadees, so purchasing one will allow you to attract a few different bird species at once. In addition, every wren house we sell is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

By Thomas P.

Well made, easy to clean, inexpensive to purchase.

This is the second bird house I've gotten, and I'm very happy with the looks and quality of your houses. I'll be coming back for more. I would highly recommend your company for a high quality product.

It was a gift to my daughter for Christmas as she had chosen it from your site! She loves it!

This is a great bird roost. It takes a while to figure out how to open it because with mine the instructions were inside. The front is stiff and is hard to open at first. The metal latch on the roost can come all the way unscrewed, but it is unnecessary to open the roost. The latch is supposed to keep the front from coming open by putting it down in front of the door. It feels durable. I have yet to put it up, but I am sure it will be good quality.

Over all a good product.The mounting hardware left a little to be desired so I added my own to make it secure.No residents yet.

Cute, but not as functional as I would like. The copper-covered opening in the back will not make it easy for cleaning out old nest. The opening for the wren was very rough and I had to sand it. One must take care to keep the opening smooth so it doesn't tear at the birds feathers. Not sure if it had openings for ventilation and inside should be scored to make it easier for birds to climb out of nest when ready. Again, research the right birdhouse for the type of bird you would like to attract.

By Gus K.
Songbird Cedar Wren House Kit

Not bad for the cost. Fun to put together. May order some more as gifts.

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