Allied Precision Bird Baths

Allied Precision Bird Baths

From heated bird baths to heated water bowls for pets, Allied Precision has all the products you need for keeping your beloved animals warm and safe. Frigid temperatures take their toll on animals, whether they're wild birds or tamed dogs, but Allied Precision's assortment of de-icers and heated buckets ensure your animals stay hydrated and taken care of through the harshest weather.

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Recent Reviews - Allied Precision Bird Baths

Came as described, very lightweight. Extension cord needed because the cord that inside the birdbath is very short. Have yet to try it over the Winter but I'm excited to use it.

Excellent product!!!! Shuts off when warmer than 40F. About 30 cents a day to run.

I absolutely love my new heated birdbath and my little birdies do too! We've had below freezing temps for awhile and the bath works great. I have to refill it almost every day because the birds take lots of baths and splash it all out. Very entertaining to watch them hop and dance and splash around. Just a few days ago, I was refilling the bath when a thirsty little Siskin landed inches from my hand. He took a good long look at me, decided he was safe and helped himself to several dainty little sips before he hopped in and splashed around. I was delighted and I thank Backyard Chirper for that experience and the fun to come. I really like the design and material used for the bath as well. It's super easy to clean- just wipe it out, no scrubbing needed. I definitely recommend this heated bath. Very pleased with my purchase!

By Jeanette R.
Allied Precision Kozy Bird Bath with Pedestal

I haven't set up yet but it appears good. Fast delivery.

By R.t. A.
Allied Precision Deluxe Birdbath

Excellent product.

Living in Minnesota, where a bird may freeze solid if its body gets wet in winter, I was worried about providing a heated bird "bath". But providing birds with drinking water, when all ponds and streams are ice-bound, is desirable. So I took the chance and installed an Allied Precision heated bird "bath". And the birds and I are delighted. They are sensible. They flock to the rim to drink, but not to paddle. Perfect! The product is well engineered and durable. Its thermostat maintains the water at a steady 54 degrees ... so steam rises from it on colder days. The steady evaporation means that I must top it up daily. But that simple chore encourages me to empty and refill it when the water is dirtied by seed particles, etc. I suggest that Backyard Chirper should recommend using a Water Wiggler type of stirrer as an accessory to this bird bath: birds mistrust completely still water.

By Michele H.
Allied Precision Water Wiggler, White

It's a funny lookin' little thing, but I have grown quite fond of it, and have given it a name. LOL My birds love it! I am a happy camper. I would definitely come back. oh, and great service! Arrived in no time. Glad I found your site.

I love this birdbath, but "deck mount" does not work well. Myself and a friend bought this heated birdbath but it does not grip tight to the deck railing and it slips off very easily. Both of us had to secure it with a bungie-cord to our deck rails. Of course this negates the tilt feature, but at least it is secure.