Home Bazaar Bird Houses

Home Bazaar Bird Houses

Home Bazaar is where elegant designs meet functional bird feeders and birdhouses. The distinctive bird products from Home Bazaar are architectural masterpieces that transform your backyard into a paradise for birds. Despite the magnificent design and intricate detail of each product, Home Bazaar ensures that every birdhouse and feeder is 100% functional for birds. Whether you're looking for a birdhouse in the style of a cottage on Cape May or an architecturally wonderful feeder, Home Bazaar has all your decorative needs.

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Home Bazaar KingsGate Cottage Birdhouse
$139.50 $175.00
Free Shipping
Home Bazaar Crab Cottage - Red
Free Shipping
Home Bazaar Cape May Cottage Birdhouse (Yellow)
$124.49 $156.00
Free Shipping
Home Bazaar Windy Ridge House - Stone/Red/Black
$196.49 $246.00
Free Shipping
Home Bazaar Police Call Box Feeder
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Home Bazaar Wrension Birdhouse
$275.49 $345.00
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Recent Reviews - Home Bazaar Bird Houses

I just love this bird house suet feeder, as my birds and woodpeckers do too. It is so cute and unusual. Anybody who sees it always complements. I am on my third one. The only complaint is it doesn't weather well or stand up the birds beaks, claws, etc, and the occasional squirrel hanging on. I had read somewhere about putting 3 coats of clear polyurethane spray on it to make it last longer. I did that (it's nice and shiny) and am hoping it will last longer-time will tell. Otherwise, highly recommend.

By Sylvia W.
Home Bazaar Trellis Cottage Birdhouse

When i got this Trellis Cottage birdhouse for my patio, I fell in love with this bird house very beautiful, and good quality very pleased. Thank you

By Mk B.
Home Bazaar Printed Salt Box Birdhouse - Lavender

Nicely done solid unit. Has metal mesh inside to help the birds climb out, opening in the back for cleanup purposes, and hangar on the back. Mine hang on a column on the front porch and welcomed a family of wrens.

I selected a Home Bazaar birdhouse after reading the posted reviews. I love our Home Bazaar Long Island Birdhouse; it is well constructed and looks great in our landscape, at a lake. A pair of finches moved in as soon as I erected it. I highly recommend it.

By Darleen G.
Home Bazaar Covered Bridge Bird Feeder

I already reviewed this feeder and sent you a picture. I am using it as a stone mailbox decoration

It was a gift to my daughter for Christmas as she had chosen it from your site! She loves it!

By Renate T.
Home Bazaar Nantucket Cottage - Blue

We were so happy to receive the bird house in time for Christmas. It is a beautiful birdhouse it enhances our backyard.

By Judy M.
Home Bazaar Covered Bridge Bird Feeder

The feeder really is attractive.

About Home Bazaar

Home Bazaar Bird Houses

Avian Housing reaches new heights with our distinctive line of architectural birdhouses, bird feeders, and related garden accessories. Take a bird's eye view of our Victorian designs enhanced by authentic scrollwork and turn-of-the-century, cottage inspired embellishments. All of our birding products are designed for outdoor use in the garden or can be enjoyed in the home as a decorative accessory. Our birdhouses, birdfeeders, garden pedestals, and garden outdoor furniture will transform your backyard into a haven for nesting for many years to come.

A Victorian Cottage birdhouse with miniature birdhouses in front, a Farmhouse birdhouse with an adorable potted plant on the front porch and the White House recreated as functional birdhouses with exacting detail are just a few of the spectacular garden decorations to be found at Home Bazaar.

A solid wood, outdoor furniture group featuring a cottage bench, cottage chair, butterfly "Settee" bench, cottage tables and a signature mailbox frame comprise our "Scrollwork Garden Collection".

Each of our larger bird houses and bird feeders can be complimented with a dramatic pedestal that will perfectly match and support the home. The Cape Cod Cottage and Honeymoon Cottage are equipped with a decorative bracket for easy mounting.

Wrens, Chickadees, Finches, Nuthatches and Titmice will all be thrilled to find these bird dwellings equipped with removable back walls, unpainted natural interiors and non-toxic outdoor grade paint. Topping off our pieces is a western red cedar shingled roof that will patina to a silvery gray color with sun-bleaching.