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Hyde Bird Feeders have always been designed with the customer in mind. Whereas other companies try to make as many products as possible, Hyde has focused on a few highly durable and effective bird feeders, including the respected Squirrel Dilemma Feeder. The Squirrel Dilemma has topped many lists of best squirrel-proof feeder thanks to Hyde's dedication to offering nothing but the best. Along with squirrel-proof feeders, Hyde also sells a selection of high-quality feeders with unique designs that allow for easy refilling and maintenance.

The best part is that once you're ready to buy, you have a 30-day, money-back guarantee on every product.

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Hyde Easy Feeder
$52.99 $60.80

Recent Reviews - Hyde Bird Feeders

By Patt G.

By Patricia M.
Hyde Evenseed Silo Wild Bird Feeder

Good quality. Easy to fill. Can easily fill with different feed. And the birds love it!

By Linda L.

I really like this birdfeeder. It holds a lot of seed, and allows the woodpeckers and other clinging birds to feed. HOWEVER, unfortunately, the squirrels love this feeder too. It allows them to display their acrobatics, and hang upside down to fill their bellies.

By Lee S.
Hyde Evenseed Silo Wild Bird Feeder

I love these feeders. They hold up very well and are easy to fill. I've bought the feeders for myself and now I give them as gifts. I like the fact that they are clear so you can easily see when they need to be refilled the birds love them and so do we.

By Dee Z.

Very clear inserts to view how much seed is still in there...plenty of ports for several birds at a time, and easy to clean..also does not take up much space to hang.

By Dorothy H.

The bird feeder is fine although it does not keep the squirrels away. Basically, I am happy with the feeder.

By Sally

I have no doubt that this is a great feeder although we haven't used it yet. We have one that the new one will replace that we bought 35 years ago and until it completely gives up the ghost my husband will not change. It is all ready to go when the time comes.

By Hope O.

I purchased this feeder to replace an older but similar model multilevel feeder. This feeder surpassed my expectations. It is sturdy and lightweight, with a woven medal hanger that will outlast other hangers. I will purchase another one like this when I need another feeder.