Heartwood Bird Houses

Heartwood Bird Houses

Handcrafted with tender care and the best building material, Heartwood birdhouses are built with a laser-sharp focus on functionality and architectural beauty. Back in the early 1990s, founders Lynda and Jerry Glass began selling nature products at craft shows before taking their beloved products national. And although the company has grown with more and more customers falling in love with their birdhouses, Heartwood retains an intimate feel with carefully detailed products. Nearly anyone can build a birdhouse, but few can build one with as much heart as Heartwood.

When you buy the birdhouses from Heartwood through Backyard Chirper, you get the added bonus of our world-class customer service and fast shipping.

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Recent Reviews - Heartwood Bird Houses

I am highly pleased with this product, It is extremely beautiful and very sturdy. I attached it to a larger pole so that it could be displayed better as the one that came with it was too short once placed in the ground The inclusion of an extra hanger screw for such purposes would be helpful to customers who choose this option.

By Nick K.
Heartwood Flicker Joy Box Birdhouse

It is well-designed, well-built, and I received it quickly.

I bought a similar nestbox also by Heartwood about 10 years ago. Although the National Bluebird Society recommends a box much simpler, bluebirds seem to prefer prettier homes like this...home to dozens of fledglings. Since that box started showing its age I bought this one this winter and the bluebirds took to it immediately. On March 13 a couple started their routine signaling the beginning of a new nest. Also Backyard Chirper's customer service is excellent!

This is the second bird house I've gotten, and I'm very happy with the looks and quality of your houses. I'll be coming back for more. I would highly recommend your company for a high quality product.

This birdhouse was purchased as a gift for my mother who lives at a Retirement Village. All of the tenants love to watch for the birds - since we just put it up, we're waiting for the Springtime to bring the first inhabitants. The birdhouse is beautiful - well made, and very classy appearance. Its relatively heavy so we purchased a strong metal pole and stable-izer to keep it steady in the ground (the Village is in an area with high winds). I would highly recommend it as a beautiful addition to your backyard :)

This bird house is gorgeous! Exactly what I wanted. The only thing that would make it better is if it were vinyl (lower maintenance). However I love it. The copper roof makes it a real eye catcher!

By James M.
Heartwood Wren-In-The-Wind Birdhouse, Pinion Green

Great house! The copper strip at the top is nice to really keep out the rain. Easy to clean. I have had chickadees raise 2 or 3 broods in this house each spring for the past 3 to 4 years.

About Heartwood

Heartwood Bird Houses

The roots of Heartwood extend back to 1992 when Lynda and Jerry Glass began a small Saturday craft show business attending local "festival days" across Mississippi. Their unique products were overwhelmingly received. After a few years, nature products were added, and because of demand, became the only items made. Full attention was then given to these products and they enjoyed much local success. A local merchant picked up the line from Heartwood and suggested its products could be marketed nationally. Wonderful friends provided further encouragement, and in 1998 Heartwood took its products to "market" in Atlanta.

The friends were correct; merchants nationwide purchased these unique products for stores, catalogs, and Internet sales. Thanks to this response, Heartwood-Architecture for the Birds was a reality.

Starting our fifth year and having hundreds of satisfied customers, Heartwood continues to provide innovation and value to the nature products industry.

Come along on the "factory tour" and let us show you what makes our made-in-the-U.S.A. products so special and unique.

Function and architectural detail are not a byproduct of Heartwood's manufacturing process; instead they are the focus of an intense and purposeful design plan. Jerry is primarily responsible for design form and details. The design must be creative and fresh to capture the imagination. "Cute" sells, but quality of design and material make it last. Though our products are not guaranteed for a lifetime, we design and build with that goal in mind. Many of our design features and innovations were developed in-house and are not available anywhere else in the world.

Quality derives from functional design, quality material, and experienced craftsmanship. The majority of our products are made from cypress, the most naturally rot-resistant wood that grows in our country. We use only the top furniture grades in our production. Our heavy, deep swamp cypress is a by-product of material bound for furniture factories worldwide. Large manufacturing operations require boards that are 8 to 16 feet in length. We purchase the shorter lumber that heretofore has been chipped and burned for heating purposes. No trees have to be cut to provide Heartwood a bountiful supply of quality raw materials!

All of our paints are industrial grade, non-toxic, acrylic latex applied with experience and care. Treat them with the same care and maintenance methods as your home. We cut no corners on the final finish.

Our 100% cypress shingle roofs are outstanding in aesthetics and longevity. We have designed special machinery that cuts a tapered, dog-eared, straited, and stone washed shingle that is unique to Heartwood. No one worldwide makes this shingle. (We do not sell our shingles to others.) This is a distinctive and crowning touch to our products. Only Heartwood products have this world-class shingle!

In addition to the world-class shingles used on many of our products, we make use of 16-ounce copper sheeting for many houses. Again, the design, detail, and execution used give our products a custom look and lifelong durability. These are not "machined," but refined roofs produced with many years of experience in metal fabrication. Compare our metal to any in the world. It is truly outstanding.

From design through fabrication and finish, Heartwood products intend to be leading-edge technology with "old world" experience. We build to last, to satisfy, and we want you 100% pleased with our product.