Bobbo Birdhouses

Bobbo Birdhouses

Since 1976, Bobbo has provided an array of unique products designed to add novelty and joy to any yard. The handcrafted birdhouses boast intricate details and functional designs that make it more than just a pretty product. Add a whimsical bird feeder or birdhouse from Bobbo to your collection today.

When you buy a Bobbo product from us, you'll also get a 30-day, money-back guarantee that ensures you're 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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I absolutely love this birdhouse. Which is why I am buying my THIRD one. BUT, the reason I am buying my third one, is that the paint job just doesn't last--and after all that is what is so appealing about this design.. I live in North Carolina, just so you know I am not in some horribly cold or hot climate.The first one I bought lasted barely two seasons and just turned gray and all the paint peeled off. With the second one (bought May 2014) I bought some spray clear lacquer coating and gave it two coats... it is now gray and the paint is peeling off. I am going to try to give my third one a few coats of clear polyurethane, the kind used on hardwood floors. and will see if that helps.

By Nancy H.

Well made and reminds me home where the robins were everywhere.

This cat thermometer is so cute! I had another one from a different company that I could hardly read, the numbers were so small. It kept falling off the window so much that it finally broke. This one is easy to read, even when it's dark outside. So far, it's stayed on the window where it belongs!

This orange tabby cat themometer is as cute as can be! We have an orange tabby, so it had meaning for us also. It arrived promptly and we look at it often. Thank you!

By Patty J.
Bobbo Birdhouse Dog Leap Yellow Lab

Nice gift - not quite a yellow lab in appearance but cute just the same