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When you're looking for the best products to transform your backyard into a paradise for wildlife, Hiatt Manufacturing doesn't disappoint. Hiatt Manufacturing makes everything you would need to attract birds and critters, from durable bird feeders and mounting equipment to squirrel swings and bluebird houses. Each product is made with the quality and finishing customers have come to expect from Hiatt Manufacturing.

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A great transaction, fast and efficient.

This is an awesome pole! It's easy to assemble! I have 2. You can put several different feeders on it. Very durable!

This is the second Sweet Tweet Cafi that I have purchased. I like them because they are easy to fill and clean. The birds love them because many different species can figure out a way to get to the seed. Some go directly to the feeder and some like to browse below.The squirrels do not like them because they cannot get to the seed. Well, actually, there is not such thing as a totally squirrel proof bird feeder but this one is pretty good. I put it on a pole in my backyard with a baffle below. That helps keeps squirrels away from the feeder.

It has reduced the number of suet cakes that we have to buy. It didn't take long for the birds to learn how to get inside the cage to eat the suet. The woodpecker and still get to the suet.

By Trudy W.
Hiatt Manufacturing Easy Clean Seed & Thistle Feeder Set

Very satisfactory.

My finches love this feeder, they haven't touched any other feeder since I hung it and the squirrels have given up, though frustrated.

By Candace K.
Hiatt Manufacturing Finch Screen Tube Bird Feeder

This feeder is great. It is attracting dozens of finches at a time. Also, I think it is a handsome clean design.

By Sue G.
Hiatt Manufacturing 42 inch Hummingbird Hook Black

LOVE THIS! We bought two of these hooks and placed them nestled right in the middle of our hummingbird gardens. When there are people near the hanging feeders, this allows the hummers to feed without disturbance. I also noticed that the juvenile hummers use feeders hung on this hook....in the gardens....much more often than the hanging feeders near the house. This is extremely well made, very sturdy, and the prongs that secure it in the ground keep it upright and exactly where you put it. Stands up to very high winds. Very attractive. Great product.