Droll Yankees

Droll Yankees

After tweaking designs and dreaming up innovative products for decades, Droll Yankees became one of the most respected and beloved feeder manufacturers. Even after all these years, Droll Yankees continues to deliver nothing but the best to its customers by carefully selecting quality building material and coming up with the most efficient products.

If that wasn't enough, the company also attaches a lifetime warranty to their products, meaning some backyard birders have used the same Droll Yankees feeders and accessories for 30 years. When you buy one of these quality products from Backyard Chirper, you get the added benefit of our lightning fast customer service and 30-day, money-back guarantee.

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I wanted a bird feeder for ONLY small birds. It works most of the time. However, the distance from outside to feed opening is too short. Long neck birds like Red headed woodpeckers could still use the feeder and chase the small birds away. There needs to be a little more distance from outside to feed opening so no large birds can use it. It is very sturdy.

This item is a great feeder stand enhancement, with no tools required, and ease of application.

Excellent feeder! The goldfinches love it!

Fits likes a glove on my new Droll Yankee feeder; very pleased with it. It looks durable and will give me many years of service.

Excellent squirrel baffle , They cannot get to the birdseed. The dome keeps the birdseed dry and I have many more birds because the squirrels are not constantly on the feeder . Love it.

Been wanting one of these for some time and finally got it as a birthday gift. Love it, funny to watch the squirrels try and get at the bird feed. Now, the only down side, once it stopped I took it inside to charge and nothing happened. I charged it for 14hrs and it still doesn't work. Had it six-months so if it's a battery issue that would be disappointing. Since there is no battery charge indicator it's hard to tell if it's the charger or battery.

Wonderful product! Finally found something to out smart squirrels and worth every penny!

About Droll Yankees

Droll Yankees

In 1969, Peter Kilham developed the A-6F tubular bird feeder, leading to a new and exciting approach in bird feeding. As an artist, engineer and inventor, he cared about using quality materials and innovative design to create a feeder that birds loved and people found easy to use. Still a best seller, the functional simplicity of the A-6 preserves its place as the standard in the industry.

At Droll Yankees, we continue to strive to maintain the high standards of design and functionality set by Peter Kilham. We're proud of our feeders and the legacy of being recognized as makers of the world's best bird feeders.