Opus Bird Feeders

Opus Bird Feeders

When you need a bird feeder that will withstand the harshest elements while keeping birds coming back for more, Opus bird feeders are the only option. Opus feeders are made with the highest quality material and are continually updated with the latest designs and innovations. Hummingbird feeders from Opus include patented bee guards, ant moats and no-drip designs, so the only thing you have to worry about is finding enough time to enjoy the cute birds in your backyard.

Opus feeders often last many years, and we offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee on top of our friendly customer service to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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I have had several window mount bird feeders in the past. This one is the best! The attachment design is perfect and you really can see the birds all the way around!

It has helped cut down on the "other" birds coming to the feeder because only the Hummer can hover while feeding. However, there are still some finches that will grasp onto the plastic bottom ridge and swing to make the nectar drip. So.... I continue to search for a fool proof feeder that will only attract the hummingbirds. The ease of cleaning and filling this feeder is wonderful however.

Not squirrel proof, but it does take them a lot longer to pull the seeds out with their paws, for this reason I give it a 4. Hard to beat squirrel determination.

I just received my oriole feeder. We have a family of orioles that come back every spring! They always drink from the hummingbird feeder so I thought this would be better for them. We have a beautiful lemon yellow male and the female too and their offspring! I love to watch them and listen to them chirp and fly around the backyard. We have fruit trees and they eat the flowers from them. So pretty I love these birds. We have yellow finches too.

I have not used it yet; like the way it looks.

We have a lot of Gila woodpeckers here and they would drain the hummingbird feeders that they could sit on. This one has proven to be pretty much woodpecker resistant!

My birds love them unfortunately my squirrels love them also. They are not squirrel proof! However they do take longer for the squirrels to empty. I have 5 feeders in my yard in which two of them are of this type. The squirrels can empty the other ones in about 3 days while it takes these feeders longer to empty. I would have rated them a 5 except as I said they are not squirrel proof.

By G. F.
Opus Select-A-Bird Tube Bird Feeder

I already had one of these feeders before I purchased additional ones, as X-Mas presents this year. I really like its concept, the quality, and the price, however I found the shipping cost excessive, therefore unless you plan to set up shop or do business with a Canadian distributor, I probably wonâ??t buy any other Backyard Chipper products.