Premier Designs Garden Ornaments

Premier Designs Garden Ornaments

Liven up your backyard with an array of beautiful garden ornaments, wind chimes, bug boxes and more from Premier Designs. A backyard can often be underwhelming without a personal touch. Premier Designs gives you the opportunity to carefully craft a yard that fits who you are. Love listening to melodious tones? Get a wind chime. Want some movement and color? Get a patriotic garden spinner. Premier Designs also has a number of insect traps to keep your yard pest-free.

All of our products are back with a 30-day money-back guarantee and friendly customer service, so you can feel confident with your purchase.

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This is working beautifully and allows multi positioning of my flags.

The product is OK. But I thought from the picture shown that it was made from wood like another one I have. I only had it out in our yard for two months and it seems to be holding up OK for now. Shipment was fast. While its an OK product, I think it was kind of way over priced for essentially some plastic.

Attractive and colorful design, relatively quality construction and easy to assemble. It is very light so overspins wildly if any substantial wind at all. I sealed and weighed down basket to slow it down and help keep vertical.

Everything I was hoping for. It's cute and colorful, a wonderful addition to my backyard.

Great conversation piece at back yard parties !!!

Great conversation piece at back yard parties !!!

We love it have received many complements , gave one to my son he own 11 golf car business.

Love my ladybug spinner!!