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Perky Pet

When your name becomes synonymous with bird feeders, you know you've done something right. Perky Pet set the standard for bird feeders and accessories that all other companies are trying to catch up to. With its innovative Squirrel-Be-Gone feeders and constantly changing designs, it's clear that Perky Pet is always working to make the best bird products out there. When you buy a product with Perky Pet on the label, you always know exactly the quality you're getting.

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It works well and the birds like it. The wide mouth makes it easy to fill and clean. I don't have to use a funnel, as I did with the older model. The little yellow bee guards that pop in and out are a great new feature. Thank you.

Beautiful to look at but very difficult to clean.

Item is ok. It took the birds a little time to get used to it but was worth it as the big birds are gone now. There is no landing space for them. It is too bad the item is not glass instead of plastic. It would be heavier in the wind and better all way around.

Very happy with the "wild finch tube feeder; the finch are also happy. The feeder is well made and easy to assemble. My last feeder (a like item) lasted for over five years.

Small birds will use it. Problem is only small birds. It is too small for Blue jays an Cardinals. It is too big for Pigeons and Doves which I am fine with, Sparrows fine.

I have been using these hummer feeders for years and they are the best - easy to fill and big enough to last longer than any other I have seen.

This is a very good feeder. Five Stars. It's very user friendly: simple to slide off and on the suction. The birds also seem to like it as well. The two little foot stands are also very good as the birds use it frequently.

By Virginia F.
Perky Pet Replacement Yellow Feeding Flowers for Hummingbird Bird Feeders

Happy to have found the little replacement flowers for my hummingbird feeder. I love my feeder and thought I would have to replace it. These replacement parts work perfectly. Thanks.

About Perky Pet

Perky Pet

Founded in the 1958, Perky-Pet started as a supplier of pet and a few bird feeder products. The original location was in downtown Denver (presently known as “LoDo”) and housed a small workforce of little more than a dozen employees. As an interesting bit of trivia, Coors Field Baseball Park is now located in part, over the original building location.

Today, after almost fifty years and more than 100 employees later, Perky-Pet has developed into the leading supplier of Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. From these years of experience, Perky-Pet is regarded as the leader in many areas.

In addition, Perky-Pet is concerned with the ultimate consumer of its products: WILD BIRDS! With this aim in mind Perky-Pet prides itself on being a:

WILD BIRD CITIZEN-In 1998, hurricane Mitch smashed into the Caribbean effectively flattening all natural hummingbird food sources. Working with a Conservation Center, Perky-Pet donated and air-shipped in over 40 large capacity hummingbird feeders and instant nectar to the devastated area. This provided a food source to thousands of hummingbirds, until their natural food supply could recover.

LOOKING AHEAD-Perky-Pet is developing the latest trends in feeders and accessories. Namely, the combining of garden art with the functional aspect of bird feeding. Finishes, materials, colors and designs will continue to change and Perky-Pet will lead the way in providing these products which will embody these desired aesthetics and functionality. With such brands as Colibri® and BirdScapes™, birding enthusiasts can look forward to a long line of exciting and innovative birding products. In addition, Perky-Pet will provide any and all resources to its customers to insure joint success at the product level.