Heritage Farms Bird Feeders

Heritage Farms Bird Feeders

Whether you're looking for the best squirrel-proof feeder or want an eco-friendly design to reduce your environmental footprint, Heritage Farms has everything you need to achieve bird-feeding success. The goal of Heritage Farms is to give its customers a product that will last a lifetime, regardless of how many birds come through. When you buy a hummingbird feeder or Purple Martin house, you know you're in good hands.

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Excellent product as it does what it says it will do. This is our 2nd one as we had to leave our first one when we sold our house and moved.

It really keeps squirrels off it and birds come!

Although I have only had this bird feeder since December, it appears to be of the highest quality. We have 2 squirrels that have been determined to get into the feeder. It is fun watching them try. The score so far: bird feeder - 17 wins; the squirrels - 0 wins.

By Sue G.
Heritage Farms Hanger-Bracket Assembly

A very solid piece of workmanship.

I like this squirrel feeder because it is simple to fill. Just put an ear of corn in it. It is a simple design and great for hanging in the tree in front of my kitchen window.

Very good…..perching bar is a bit too thick for cardinals, and a few other species seem to balk at landing there. Otherwise, works as advertised and love there is two sides of the item.

Works very well, the birds like it.

Positive: Quality, sturdy construction. Holds more seed than a cylinder feeder, requiring less frequent refills. Haven's seen any squirrels feeding. Minus: still working on best hanging position, when level, birds eat my chipped sunflower seed from front openings, & then I manually tip remaining seed (from back of feeder to front) - doesn't have the advantage that gravity provides in a cylinder feeder.