Heath Outdoor Products

Heath Outdoor Products

With more than 50 years of experience and business, Heath Outdoor Products has built up a well-rounded offering of various bird products'from suet cakes to Purple Martin houses. Although Heath has been around for decades, the company strives to stay current and innovative by using new designs and the most up-to-date equipment. If the quality bird products aren't enough, Heath also makes bat houses.

Our collection of Heath Outdoor Products, which include suet feeders and mounting equipment, will make your backyard come to life. Don't forget, you also get our 30-day, money-back guarantee backed by our customer service when you buy from Backyard Chirper.

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Clever design.

This is a great feeder! I purchased it for the Orioles however it also draws finches, sparrows and other small birds.

Fairly easy to put together. The center flange made of plastic will not accomadate a 1" pipe when stacking multiple sections. Had to ream the ID of the flange to install the sections. They also should be made of metal for better support of the sections. This is a poor design using plastic flanges.

By Mike C.
Heath Infinity Wishing Well Bird Feeder

Really love this feeder, easy to see the birds and holds a lot of seed. Worked best with black oil sunflower seeds.

I was not surprised to find the feeder as "squirrel proof" as others I have purchased. However I really was disappointed when the metal hanging loop broke.

This scoop makes it very easy to fill tube feeders. Love it!

These bird houses are great, they are pleasing to look at, easy to assemble and install. I had purple martins within 3 days of install. I bought 2 of these and plan to buy more....

Good workmanship and easy installation.