Perky Pet Window Mount Hummingbird Window Bird Feeder

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Perky Pet Window Mount Hummingbird Window Bird Feeder
Perky Pet Window Mount Hummingbird Window Bird Feeder
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The Perky Pet Hummingbird "Window Mount" Feeder is built to be easily mounted on most types of walls and windows, and makes the perfect gift for your favorite nature lover! With the Window Mount feeder you can observe your bird buddies from the comfort of your home, up close. This feeder has two feeding ports and a wide-mouth design that is colored bright red to attract hummingbirds. With an 8 oz. capacity, you don't have to worry about nectar going bad, and its clear acrylic ultra-durable shatter-proof construction allows you to easily monitor its nectar level and cleanliness. A quick-release system also allows for fast and efficient refilling.


• Clear acrylic feeder bottle

• Easy to clean wide-mouth design

• Easily attaches to window, wall or post

• Quick release clips for convenient filling

• Two feeding stations with perches

• Handy 8 ounce capacity

• Great gift for a child

Brand: Perky Pet
Model Number: PP217
Catalog Number: 51764
Average Rating:
By Jeff M. from United States
September 10, 2014

This is a very good feeder. Five Stars. It's very user friendly: simple to slide off and on the suction. The birds also seem to like it as well. The two little foot stands are also very good as the birds use it frequently.

By Patricia G. from Penfield, NY
September 28, 2013

The hummingbirds love this feeder however very hard to take apart and clean. Need to use a screw driver to hold the clasps together.

By David L. from Chicago, IL
July 10, 2009

I have the best results with this feeder!

By Kathleen S. from Dudley, MA
June 20, 2009

I love the feeder! I read somewhere that I am sterilizing hummingbird feeders in boiling water to clean them. Well, the red plastic turned white...totally my fault! I sterilized other red plastic feeders at the same time but the discoloration only happened to this one. I still love it, though!

By Trish R. from Los Angeles, CA
November 8, 2008

These are our hummingbird feeders of choice. We hung two on the kitchen window a little over a year ago. The birds come in swarms, so I had to add another one. They are very durable and easy to fill and hang. We have also given them as gifts to friends across the country.

By Phillip L. from Montevallo, AL
August 11, 2008

I love the window mount feeder. It gets the little guys real close to you. The birds seem to prefer these feeders(with the stands so they can rest while they feed)from other types that I've owned. You're in my favorites folders and I'm spreading the word about your web site. FYI I did have one feeder that fell off the window for no apparent reason. I live in central Al(hot and humid outside cold inside,condensation maybe?)

By Gene F. from Woodbine, MD
July 27, 2008

This will be my best feeder and I will get more next year. GO HUMMERS!

By Elizabeth M. from Durand, Il
June 30, 2008

I have used this feeder for several years. It is the only one that the hummers will use. I have never used the hanging ones. The only problem (and why I need new ones), is that the plastic tabs that attach to the feeder to the base always broke off.

By Mary Gail Y. from Tuscaloosa, AL
June 22, 2008

I like them and the hummers like them. We had them before and this was a reorder. The only problem we had was the little plastic prongs that act as the locking mechanism break fairly and easily and you have to press them to attach and reattach.

By Mike B. from Telford, UK
April 30, 2007

This feeder is easy to assemble and fill. It has been attached to the window glass for 6 straight weeks without a problem. Good for Hawk moths as well as humming birds. No problems with bees or other insects getting to the nectar.

By Richard M. from Milford, IN
July 8, 2009

You sent me a case that hadn't been opened by your company. It was just as you had gotten it from the manufacturer and that boxed packed into another box; therefor you couldn't have known that there were some perches missing. Two out of six. I sent three of them as gifts to friends and of course two of those were the ones with the missing perches. I don't know of anyone who has one of these feeders that hasn't broken off at least one side of the plastic "clamp" that holds the bottom and top together. The plastic is much too brittle and breaks very easily. I have warned everyone and still they have broken them. You just can't help it because of the way they are made. I have not found a way to glue or otherwise replace the clamp either. Thank Heavens that the top and bottoms fit together snugly and if you're very careful you can still use it.

By Donald M. from Norfolk, MA
October 6, 2009

First one leaked. Second you promptly sent works fine. Thank you for the quick response on that. Your telephone rep and customer service were awesome.

By Karen P. from Fort Worth, TX
June 6, 2007

It is easy to clean and the birds seem to like it, however in my attempt to clean it I broke off one of the plastic supports it depends on. I was shocked at how easy it was to break when I was taking it apart.

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Founded in the 1958, Perky-Pet started as a supplier of pet and a few bird feeder products. The original location was in downtown Denver (presently known as “LoDo”) and housed a small workforce of little more than a dozen employees. As an interesting bit of trivia, Coors Field Baseball Park is now located in part, over the original building location.

Today, after almost fifty years and more than 100 employees later, Perky-Pet has developed into the leading supplier of Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. From these years of experience, Perky-Pet is regarded as the leader in many areas.

In addition, Perky-Pet is concerned with the ultimate consumer of its products: WILD BIRDS! With this aim in mind Perky-Pet prides itself on being a:

WILD BIRD CITIZEN-In 1998, hurricane Mitch smashed into the Caribbean effectively flattening all natural hummingbird food sources. Working with a Conservation Center, Perky-Pet donated and air-shipped in over 40 large capacity hummingbird feeders and instant nectar to the devastated area. This provided a food source to thousands of hummingbirds, until their natural food supply could recover.

LOOKING AHEAD-Perky-Pet is developing the latest trends in feeders and accessories. Namely, the combining of garden art with the functional aspect of bird feeding. Finishes, materials, colors and designs will continue to change and Perky-Pet will lead the way in providing these products which will embody these desired aesthetics and functionality. With such brands as Colibri® and BirdScapes™, birding enthusiasts can look forward to a long line of exciting and innovative birding products. In addition, Perky-Pet will provide any and all resources to its customers to insure joint success at the product level.

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