Bird Pole Collection

Bird Pole Collection

A bird pole or mounting set is a necessity for installing a hopper feeder and some platform feeders.  Our bird pole collection features wall-brackets, sturdy hanging poles—some over six feet in height—swivel hangers and more.  Bird poles are composed of a variety of different materials, from wood to galvanized steel.

Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty bird pole capable of hanging a purple martin mansion, or a decorative branch hanger that provides birds with a natural feeding and perching space, we carry the bird pole to fit your needs.

Not sure what bird pole works best for you?  Call our friendly customer service team and they’ll be glad to help you find the ideal bird pole for your bird feeder.

This is our second purchase of a 31" bracket pole on which to hang bird feeders. The first one works great. We like how the bracket attaches to our deck, although it does have to be secured on a strong part of the deck (not any part of the railing). The finches are very happy and so are we!

its a must have with skycafe feeder, its my 2nd purchase of this item, because I didn't realize I needed to put a knot in end to keep it from flying off. too bad shipping cost more than item.

I am very satisfied with my Woodlink Window Glass Hanger. It's on one of my bedroom windows and it is holding my hummingbird feeder. It's so nice to awaken in the morning and watching the hummingbirds feeding/

Love it living rm is on 2nd floor in the back of the house we can now see the birds at the feeder so glad I found it

This item is a great feeder stand enhancement, with no tools required, and ease of application.

I have had this hook for 4 years and it just broke, I am sure from 4 yrs of baking in the sun. It never fell off the window. I use it for hummingbird feeders.

This is a nice flange. Easy to bolt and unbolt from the pole for cleaning of the feeder. Didn't give this 5 stars only because the "Birds Choice Cedar 11" x 10" Open Platform Bird Feeder" feeder that I bought had this listed as the flange that went with it but the feeder doesn't have a completely covered bottom for the flange to attach to. It had 3 slats and the center one was not wide enough for the smaller set of screws on the flange. I ended up using gorilla glue to attach the flange to the feeder. Would be better if this flange had a wider variety of screw hole positions.

My first one actually broke at the curve closest to the top suction cup. Not sure why, perhaps the hummingbird feeder was not the correct size or there was a defect. The hummingbird feeder I hung from it is a round, two piece dome like light plastic style. I bought another one, giving it one more chance. Cool design just hope my second one doesn't break.