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10 Interesting Facts About Blue Jays

As the colder weather begins arriving around the country, it means that many of the visiting birds have left for more temperate climates. That leaves us with the year-round birds that will stick around and visit our feeders no matter what.

Fewer year-round birds are more notable and recognizable than the Blue Jay. While you might dismiss it as just another ordinary bird, the Blue Jay is quite unique if you delve deeper. So, in honor of the beautiful bird, we’ve assembled some of the most interesting facts about Blue Jays.

1. Blue Jays aren’t actually blue. In fact, the pigment in their feathers is brown. Scattering light in the structural parts of the feathers causes us to see the blue coloration.

2. The oldest known wild Blue Jay lived to be at least 17 years 6 months, which is nearly two years older than the oldest recorded Northern Cardinal.

3. Many birds are adopted as the mascot of teams, and the Blue Jay is no exception. The Major League Baseball team in Toronto is the most famous team to use the bird as its mascot.

4. Blue Jays are omnivores, but they mainly stick to vegetation, berries, acorns and more. While they are infamous and sometimes loathed for eating the eggs of other birds, this behavior is actually quite rare.

5. With the ability to mimic the calls of hawks, like the Red-shouldered Hawk, it’s believed that Blue Jays use the calls as a warning or to trick other species.

6. Blue Jays are very aggressive and territorial, but they have been known to get bullied by squirrels, grackles and Florida Scrub-Jays at some feeders.

7. Sometimes, Blue Jays take ants and wipe them across their feathersโ€”a practice known as “anting.” Scientists believe they do this to make certain ants secrete their harmful spray, so they’re fit for digestion.

8. The birds are found extensively across the eastern and central portions of the United States, but they are very slowly expanding their range into the Northwest.

9. The Blue Jay is in the same family as the crow.

10. Blue Jays form monogamous relationships that can last multiple breeding cycles. A pair will usually stay together until one of them dies.


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  1. Roger A. Michalski

    I have 2 bluejays visit every morn and squak until I throw out a handful OF PEANUTS.They can be loud,especially if I’m still sleeping.

  2. Cool tips! Blue Jays are definitely one of my favorite birds. If you want to get them to come to your yard be sure to have platform or hopper feeders.

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  11. do both the male and the female look alike? I have 2 blue jays that look the same. are they both males?

  12. Blue jays are pretty ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Are they rare becuz i dont want them to die out D:

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  19. Mike

    Can blue jays speak? I used to have a African grey and I heard either a Jay or a crow say hello. It sounded similar!

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  23. Cheri

    I had a blue jay land on my shoulder! I was eating fruit loops

  24. Robin

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  25. Cole M

    Awesome site!!!!

  26. Paul Rio

    Put peanuts in the shell and watch the Blue Jays gather. I’ve gone through 100 lbs. yes 100 pounds of peanuts and it’s only late December.

    • PMc

      I had a jay knocking on my front door today.
      I got back from a walk and there the jay was, pecking on my front door, inside the small vestibule to get to the door.
      When I came into the vestibule, the jay walked around me, squawked and flew into the spruce tree in my front yard.
      Intelligent bird!
      I have about 80 that feed at my 3 feeders, but I am the only feeder in a 5 or so mile radius. (I live in the middle of nowhere)

  27. Yeny M

    “A blue Jay Pecked my head the other day and it hurt” I was going home and I saw a baby blue jay fell out of a tree in distress, I tried to help it back up. But unfortunately I was jumping away from me, then the mother came out of nowhere, started to peck my head. I had to leave the area cause I kept coming after me. But I don’t know what happened to it, hope is ok and didn’t get eaten. LOL

  28. Gianna V.H.

    They were my favorite bird for a time until I saw a goldfinch then that bird was my favorite. But I never knew all these facts about Blue Jays!

  29. R blue birds and blue jays the same.? Great website Brown feathers for real vs. Blue like our blood is blue till it hits o2. What else do they eat besides fruit loops? Peanuts shelled great tip!! So far I only hear and see 1 blue bird, named him Arthur a dude that keeps yacking!!! I’ve been gone a whole year. Will put up a nesting hm. For him and maybe a female will come back. Wonder if anyone knows mating cycle, does the female leave their nest? Cuz Arthur keeps yacking when I’m outside like something is wrong.

  30. Marsha

    I found blue Jay at work, I think something wrong with back tail, he fly far? Is any thing I con do for him get better? Someone please help, don’t want to die. Love bluejays

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