Cardinal Feeder Collection

Cardinal Feeder Collection

Known for their striking red feathers and crested heads, cardinals are among North America's most popular songbirds They are found across the Midwest, South and East, and are boisterous singers, often chirping loudly in large groups. A cardinal feeder holds seeds and small berries and is primarily either a cage bird feeder or a tube feeder.

Cardinals love sunflower seeds--it's their filet mignon--so if you stock sunflower seeds in your cardinal bird feeder, your yard will be flocked with red birds in no time. If you're not sure if a cardinal feeder is right for you, give us a ring, and our knowledgeable customer service team will help you find the perfect bird feeder.

The process was just as you want,fast and efficient.

Once the Cardinals became familiar with the feeder, it is well used.

I so liked the first one of these feeders that I bought that I purchased this second one! The birds love it. I have had all kinds of birds love it and eat from the tray---they feel safe since they can see from all sides and fly through the feeder if necessary. I had cardinal parents with their first brood and then their second brood after they fledged all eating from the feeders at the same time---and then doves, blue jays, chickadees, and titmice eating from the tray surface, with woodpeckers eating peanuts hanging from the edge. The plastic overhang keeps the feed reasonably dry unless there is rain blowing sideways. Can't wait for the migratory birds to find these feeders as the fall migration goes on!

This is a good feeder! Easy to fill and very durable! I'm not convinced that cardinals are attracted to the red color because I don't have many that visit the feeder.

Terrific product. Works perfectly.

They may sell this bird feeder as squirrel proof, but the squirrels at my place in South Florida have loads of fun outsmarting it and it doesn't stop them in the least. It does stop them from having a sit-down feast, but they still get what they want.

I love it for its appearance and the amount of seed it holds. It does attract the beautiful cardinals. Unfortunately, it took the squirrels about an hour to find it and they love it too. It seems I have more squirrels than birds feeding from it. About to give up.

This feeder is great! The pair of cardinals in our neighborhood come every day.