Deck Bird Bath Selection

Deck Bird Bath Selection

Looking for a creative addition to your deck or patio? A deck bird bath is a great way to get up close and personal with your feathered friends. Our deck bird bath features a number of sculptured designs, all which are easily mountable on any deck rail.

One of the most popular features of our deck bird bath collection are the many heated bird bath options. These bird baths are designed to keep water ice-free in harsh winter temperatures, ensuring that your birds can count on your deck bird bath as a source of fresh water all year long.

Not sure what deck bird bath is best for you? Our friendly customer-service team will be glad to explain the features of the many different available models.

We purchased this bath for our pet Muscovy Duck. It has been a pleasure not fighting ice this winter, it does not even freeze on the edges. It was a great investment!

I absolutely love my new heated birdbath and my little birdies do too! We've had below freezing temps for awhile and the bath works great. I have to refill it almost every day because the birds take lots of baths and splash it all out. Very entertaining to watch them hop and dance and splash around. Just a few days ago, I was refilling the bath when a thirsty little Siskin landed inches from my hand. He took a good long look at me, decided he was safe and helped himself to several dainty little sips before he hopped in and splashed around. I was delighted and I thank Backyard Chirper for that experience and the fun to come. I really like the design and material used for the bath as well. It's super easy to clean- just wipe it out, no scrubbing needed. I definitely recommend this heated bath. Very pleased with my purchase!

In the great frozen winter of 2013-14we were worried this electric water source wouldn't stand up BUT it proved up to the job and performed above expectations.The birds, squirrels, and maybe even the deer love it.So do we, it's added a wonderful aspect to the backyard view. Go ahead and get it!

This heated birdbath was so easy to assemble and to attach to our porch railing. With below freezing temperatures the water remained clear and liquid. Being able to empty it by merely tipping it away from me is a bonus. It holds nearly 2 gallons of water.

So far we are happy with our product. We had to laugh when the instructions said to keep it out of the wind! We live in Nebraska! We use it outside to water the backyard creatures...birds, squirrels, rabbits, deer, possum, woodchuck, etc.

This bath is a nice neutral color, and is unobtrusive. Keeps the water from freezing, cleans easily by tipping. Birds probably rate it a 10!

I love the heated birdbath that I bought. We have had about 72 inches of snow this year or more, and I find not only the birds drink from the birdbath, but also the squirrels. They are fun to watch from my sliding glass door. Great buy.

We had to do a bit of adjustment to get it installed. It was not quite fitted right to the attachment. But, after getting it installed, it has been wonderful watching all the birds and squirrels drinking from it. On really cold days, it does need to be refilled often due to steam.

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