Decorative Garden Bird Feeder Selection

Decorative Garden Bird Feeder Selection

Whether you're looking for a bird feeder to compliment a regular backyard or a lavish garden, a garden bird feeder will not only add birds to your yard, but also elegance. From a ruby-shaded glass nectar bottle to a shingled townhouse bird feeder with a picket fence, we carry a garden bird feeder for every yard and occasion.

A garden bird feeder can add a peaceful ambiance to your yard and the birds feasting in it. Imagine the rich experience of watching a pair of blue jays nibble at seed from an electric-blue forest tea house that hangs from an awning or branch. Each garden bird feeder we sell is affordably priced and covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can be confident you'll find the perfect fit for your garden or yard.

Heath Le Grande Gazebo Bird Feeder
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Heath Charleston Lantern Bird Feeder
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Heath Bird Tres Belle Bird Feeder
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I own 5 of these feeders (2 were purchased about 5 yrs. ago. I added another 3 about 1 1/2 yrs. ago.) They work as well, now, as the day they were purchased. The hummingbirds love this feeder. I ordered two more, a month ago, as a Christmas gift for a dear friend. She said she'd start feeding the hummers when she could find feeders like mine. They absolutely do not leak, hold 3/4 cup of hummer syrup (homemade). We live in Oregon and I feed year-round. The Schrodt Ruby feeder is the only feeder I will use.

By Kathy C.
Artline 32 Ounce Horizontal Stripe Balloon Hummingbird Bird Feeder

I have had several of these and the hummers are really attracted to them. I'm looking to order a couple more because the squirrels got to them and knocked them from their hanger on my deck, which is 18 feet off the ground, and they either busted when they hit the ground or the squirrels chewed up the flowers and broke the perches. I've been using these for many years, and love them. Can't wait to get new ones. I won't let the squirrels get to them this time!

By S L.
Rivers Edge Products Bear Resin Tree Bird Feeder


By Darleen G.
Home Bazaar Covered Bridge Bird Feeder

I already reviewed this feeder and sent you a picture. I am using it as a stone mailbox decoration

The Schrodt feeders are by far the best hummingbird feeders I've encountered. I've used them for years and order them again and again. They are attractive, sturdy, and most importantly, easy to clean (though you do need an assortment of brushes). Yes, sometimes part do wear out and need to be replaced.. but this usually doesn't happen for several years!

By Al T.
Good Directions Enchanted Bird Ruby Red Bird Feeder

I liked this bird feeder on first sight and decided to buy one for each of my kids for Christmas. The simple design makes it look like a piece of art and all of my kids liked it very much as well!

Beautiful feeder, it's a striking addition to our backyard. The birds love it! It is extremely durable and easy to fill.

By Judy M.
Home Bazaar Covered Bridge Bird Feeder

The feeder really is attractive.