Garden Pond Supplies

Garden Pond Supplies

Garden ponds make great additions to any backyard, which is why we’re stocked with garden pond supplies. Looking for a ground-level birdbath, a solar pump to power it with, and a nutrient formula to keep your water pristine? We carry all three and more.

Other garden pond supplies we offer include include: mosquito dunks to keep your pond pest-free and floating heaters to make sure your garden pond doesn’t ice over during the winter. Scan our garden pond supplies and find the odds and ends that will ensure that you garden pond stays attractive and welcoming all year long.

Great product, it lasts along time, and it keeps my fountain clean. Could not find this in the stores.

It keeps my pond clear.

It was fast delivery, but item was damages in shipping. Seller replaced immediately. Good service and works fine!!

This stuff worked wonders on my small half whiskey keg pond. The water cleared up immediately and my plants finally began to grow and even flowered within about two weeks.

The product works very well.

It works great!

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