Garden Thermometer Collection

A garden thermometer is often better than the weather man. You can peek out the window and check your garden thermometer and you'll know whether or not you need to throw on that extra layer before you step outside. However, a garden thermometer does more than measure temperature; it provides your backyard with style as well.

We carry a number of attractive garden thermometers that will blend in seamlessly with your other outdoor garden accessories. Whether you’re looking for the sleek design of a traditional gauge—with 7-day weather forecasts, weather alerts and wind speed display—or the spunk of a garden gnome gauge, we have the perfect garden thermometer for you. And remember, each garden thermometer we sell—like all our products—is covered by a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Garden Thermometer Collection

Excellent. Just what I needed.

Exactly what my mother wanted. My dad bought one of these for her many years ago and put it up right out side their breakfast room window. It's so easy to read.

Excellent choices, Excellent service !

I really like the quality and the vintage look. The only thing is the stake is not long enough to keep from falling in our wind we get here. My husband will weld it to one of the fence posts for best possibility to catch rain!

Easy transaction, delivered on time. Rain gauge with character.

I love it! An accurate thermometer attached to a whimsical well-made green frog.

I love it! An accurate thermometer attached to a whimsical well-made ladybug.

Lovely, excellent quality!