Woodlink Audubon Series

Woodlink Audubon Series

When you're feeding birds and have a strong love for the environment, it's important to be as green and environmentally friendly as possible. That's exactly what you get with Woodlink. Woodlink manufactures quality bird feeders and birdhouses made from recycled plastics along with more traditional cedar products. Teaming up with Audubon to make a series of amazing products, Woodlink delivers on its promise of quality and excellence in everything it sells.

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I am very satisfied with my Woodlink Window Glass Hanger. It's on one of my bedroom windows and it is holding my hummingbird feeder. It's so nice to awaken in the morning and watching the hummingbirds feeding/

By Thomas P.

Well made, easy to clean, inexpensive to purchase.

Love our hanging bird bath. We have it hanging on a shepherds hook on one side and a bird feeder on the other. It is the perfect size and the birds seems to love it. I went to eight different locations looking for this item and there was none to be found until I discovered your web site. Thanks so much

Well made and easy to fill and as hard as they try the squirrels can get in.

Love it. Keeps the squirrels out. This is the 2nd one we have purchased and find this one to be improved from our 1st one.

Rated down due to large tray area that allowed birds to rake the seeds out and spill to the ground. My husband attached a wire grid to the trays to stop birds from wasting the seeds. Now it is a favorite of the cardinals when filled with safflower seeds.

By Nanci G.
Woodlink Audubon Series Caged Squirrel Resistant Mesh Screen Bird Feeder

This feeder satisfied all of my needs. It kept the squirrels out and let the smaller birds have a place of their own to eat. It works beautifully.

By Arden M.
Woodlink 12" Cable Hanger

The cable hanger is a good item. I used it for another feeder that I made and needed this type of hanger. Worked wonderful.